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Synergy Hybrida 76


Freme 900

  • Combined thermal /wet laminating machines for high production
  • Production speed up to 70 mt/min
  • Vertical drying tunnel with heated drum of big diameter and hot air blowers
  • Coating unit with exclusive roll metering system for optional distribution of adhesive
  • Integrated heat generetor and exchanger for maximum energy saving
  • High efficiency coating unit with minimal adhesive consummation

Freme 900


  • Side lay device
  • High speed automatic stacker with special sheet guiding control
  • Device to cut polyester film
  • Register High precision (orthogonality)
  • Holographic film register

Availlable in two version

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  • Hybrida 76
  • Hybrida 106

Freme 900


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Freme 900